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If you could work towards remedying any global or domestic issue, what issue would you pick?

This is the very question that birthed Uplyft Youth Society for Domestic Abuse Awareness. Being faced with this question, one must evaluate; what is important to me? What can I do that will have a large societal impact? After evaluating this question, Uplyft's eight diverse and motivated board of directors decided to target the foundation of all life and social interaction; healthy relationships. Unanimously, it was agreed upon that in their academic life, the creation of healthy relationships was not facilitated. It goes without saying that the importance of self love, which is paramount to an individual's success, was not stressed. Growing frustrated with the lack of domestic abuse education, a decision was made: that it is imperative to educate youth (the bright foundation of a healthy future society) about the importance of self love and what a healthy relationship is. The goal? To instil the concept of emotional intelligence in youth thus propelling them to be their most confident and healthy selves

What we do

We are Uplyft Youth Society for Domestic Abuse Awareness, a non-profit organization whose primary goal is to use education to raise awareness about domestic abuse and healthy relationships. We believe education is the key to erasing stigma and connecting children, youth and young adults with the resources they need. There are numerous amazing resources and services for domestic abuse survivors here in Calgary but we as a society are missing a significant piece in our efforts to combat domestic abuse and promote healthy relationships. The education system is how we aim to reach out to youth. By providing classroom presentations with information about what a healthy relationship is, how to get help if you find yourself in a domestic abuse situation and links to the relevant resources for your situation, we hope to add an entirely new dimension to how wellness is approached in schools. We are all recent graduates who see a gap in the education system and are determined to make a change. Self-love, healthy relationships and a mindful approach to increasing emotional intelligence are what we are passionate about, and we hope to instil that passion for change in youth, one classroom at a time.

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